Our philosophy and What We Stand For

Horringford Gardens is a rural vegetable growing and distribution business situated in the fertile Arreton valley on the Isle of Wight.  Today’s more discerning shoppers have increased the demand for locally sourced, high quality, fresh produce and our family business welcomes this change in attitude and strives to fulfil this new aspiration.

Consumers' buying decisions can have an important influence on how the countryside is managed. Throughout the UK interest in local produce is growing for three main reasons. Firstly, increased awareness of taste and texture as criteria of food quality and the environmental benefits of eating seasonal foods that haven't travelled thousands of miles; secondly the desire to help local growers and the local economy; thirdly increased awareness of how their decisions can affect the countryside.

By creating a locally integrated growing to eating market for food, we can help maintain the quality of our environment, the diversity of the countryside and reduce transport costs and pollution. When products are processed and sold locally, they provide new income and jobs for those farmers who preserve this rural scene. A recent Radio 4 survey showed that local, home delivery box schemes add 2.5 times their sales value in local economic activity while similar sales from supermarkets only generate 1.5 times their sales value. Local Markets are also a way for consumers to help their local economy, maintain the environment and give themselves healthier, tastier food while helping local farmers. (Learn more about this thought at www.eat-the-view.org.uk)

Horringford Gardens was created in 2000 out of an existing vegetable growing business based on this concept, both to make the original business pay and to help other Island growers create their own viable businesses. Horringford Gardens also incorporates the jam and chutney making that Erica Oulton has pursued for the past 25 years. Horringford Gardens is founded on the principles of LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) and based on the business model that has led to the growth of Farm Shops, Farmers' Markets and box schemes around the United Kingdom, making a wonderful new opportunity for consumers. In this, the Isle of Wight leads the country with a profusion of products for the local community, the "Foodie" tourist and local restaurants alike.

Horringford Gardens is a member of LEAF which is committed to viable agriculture that is environmentally and socially acceptable and ensures the continuity of supply of wholesome, affordable food while conserving and enhancing the fabric and wildlife of the British countryside for future generations. Their vision for the future is of a sustainable system of agriculture that meets the economic needs of farmers, addresses the concerns of consumers and minimises any impact on the environment. The objective of their system of Integrated Farm Management provides a common sense and realistic way forward for farmers and produces food that is wholesome and affordable. If you would like to know more about LEAF visit www.leafuk.org.

If the high cost of door to door sales of local produce can be offset against the high costs of national distribution experienced by supermarkets, then even small local farmers and growers can sell their products competitively and add value by being environmentally friendly, local, known sources of supply etc. If value can be added in other ways this is a further benefit. There are now numerous box or bag schemes distributing produce around the country and more than 500 Local Markets. Our stall at the Vectis Food and Craft Market and our box scheme are the core of Horringford Gardens' business.

Horringford Gardens is building on Erica Oulton's local reputation as a cook and producer of good food. For more nearly 25 years Erica has cooked for local functions in Arreton. Her Church luncheons are well known. She has also made cakes, jams and chutneys for local fetes and bazaars. Her Chutney Stand at the Garlic Festival each August has been written up in the County Press several times. In all cases she is known for good, wholesome food at reasonable cost.

In summary, Horringford Gardens is returning to a traditional business model to fulfill modern consumers' needs. Growing their own produce and working with other Island market gardeners to supply a distinctive and delicious range of local produce and related products associated with home cooking and farms.

If you want to come and stay, we have both B&B and self-catering accommodation. Click here for more information.

How to contact us

Horringford Gardens, South Barn,
Horringford, Newport IW PO30 3AP

Tel: 01983-865720